KBFM – Monthly Update 2014-11-26

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Here are the updates for Kokopelli Bee Free Media in November:

    • 2014/11/05:  Autumn Treats –  Who says one has to choose between healthy and yummy?!
    • 2014/11/12: Evening Walk in Autumn –  “The leaves are falling, falling like from afar, as if distant gardens were wilting in the heavens;” -Rainer Maria Rilke
    • 2014/11/19:  Blue Hour –  The washed out colours in the naturally occurring blue light makes the scenery kind of surreal, like wandering between the worlds…
    • 2014/11/26To the Heavens –  How often, when we feel that we are in need of help, do we turn to the heavens…

Enjoy reading and have a wonderful month!

Much love,