KBFB – Monthly Update 2015-01-27

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Here are the updates for Kokopelli Bee Free Blog in January:

  • 2014/12/16: A Visit From St. Nicholas – “Be kind to yourself.  It is the foundation for all kindness that you experience.” -Stefanie Neumann
  • 2014/01/13:  Let Your Light Shine! –  “I am the light.” -God
  • 2014/01/20:  Zero Point – Everything Remains Different  –  “When I allow myself freedom, I give myself space. And space for myself allows me to have time.-Stefanie Neumann
  • 2014/01/27:  New Life –  “Nature is inviting her children to hibernate, to take a rest and dream of spring.  It seems like everything but the falling snow has stopped for a while.  Yet, new life is stirring beneath the white crystal blanket.” -Stefanie Neumann

Enjoy reading and have a wonderful month!

Much love,