KBFB – Monthly Update 2015-03-31

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Here are the updates for Kokopelli Bee Free Blog in March:

  • 2015/03/03: Stories from the Emerald Island Part I –  In honour of St. Patrick’s Day which will be celebrated by many people around the world, I choose to share some of the experiences gifted to me during my time in Ireland…
  • 2015/03/10:  Stories from the Emerald Island Part II –  “One thing that was evident to me in Ireland was the genuine friendliness of the Irish. No matter in which situation we would encounter other people it would at least feel as if I would meet an old acquaintance to my German perception.” – Stefanie Neumann.
  • 2015/03/17:  Stories from the Emerald Island Part III –  Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig! Happy St. Patrick’s Day – where ever you are in the world and whatever you believe in!
  • 2015/03/24:  Stories from the Emerald Island Part IV –  “Something that accompanied me from the first time I set foot onto the Irish isle, yet did not come to my full awareness until short before we would leave, again, was that there was no judgment stealing after me like a thirsty vampire.” – Stefanie Neumann.
  • 2015/03/31:  Stories from the Emerald Island Part V –  “When I first came to Ireland I felt a strong energy moving inside the Earth. It felt like the ground beneath my feet was moving like a ship on the roaring sea.” – Stefanie Neumann.

Enjoy reading and have a wonderful month!

Much love,