KBFB Update September 2015

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Here are the updates for Kokopelli Bee Free Blog in September:

  • 2015/09/08:  Feel Through It Instead Of Fear Through It –  “First of all, I may mention, that I cannot not feel those waves.  So, I have the choice to fear through them or to feel through them.  And I choose the latter.” – Stefanie Neumann
  • 2015/09/22:  Facing Darkness – “Sometimes, when facing darkness all we see is this darkness even when we have light in our back.  Light is backing us up but we cannot see it because we are facing darkness.  Yet, the light has got our back.  If we need a reminder for this, all we have to do is turn around for a moment and face the light that is shining upon us.” – Stefanie Neumann
  • 2015/09/29:  An Inconvenient Truth –  “I have many talents and contribute them lovingly to society. Yet, at the employment office nobody knows that because there is neither a job training nor a matching document for it where one can make their little x.” – Stefanie Neumann

Enjoy reading and have a wonderful month!

Much love,