KBFB Update December 2015

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Here are the updates for Kokopelli Bee Free Blog in December:

  • 2015/12/01:  Together Better – With Your Help! –  “My intention is to share and connect. To help and inspire each other. I believe, that everybody has a great expertise due to their own, personal life experience. I believe that we are all full of valuable insights, even if we sometimes feel completely insignificant. And I believe that it is important to connect with like-minded people … especially in those moments when we feel most insignificant.” – Stefanie Neumann
  • 2015/12/15:  Be Aware of the Crazy-Makers in Your Life –  „Often I have observed how the crazy-maker is telling me a story which at a closer look describes in detail how to fend off manipulation.” – Stefanie Neumann

Enjoy reading and have a wonderful month!

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