Kokopelli Bee Free on Pinterest

–  or:  How to Navigate Through my Pinboards

pinterest 128x128p

When you visit my Pinterest page you will find that most pin boards are self-explanatory.  Yet, I would like to give some tips which may make it even easier to navigate through them.

First of all I would like to point out that I am using Pinterest not only to find pretty pictures to decorate my pinboards with.  Pretty pictures are nice and inspiring, no doubt.  Yet, at a closer look you will find that there is more interesting information and inspiration available behind some of my pins.  If you click on a pin and then on the picture you will be led to the linked pages and can find out what it is all about.

In case of videos clicking on the picture will usually start the video.

Secondly you will notice that I am pinning bilingually  –  in German and English.  Some of the pinboards are mixed in language, others are only in one language.  The headline of each board will usually reveal this, right away.

Further, you will find that some of my boards are for time sensitive content  –  like, for example, “Current Quality of Time”.  Here I will change the cover each time when I add a new pin, so that you can see right away, if new information is available.  [Please note: This function is currently unavailable.] The same is valid for pinboards that are used for updates, like my “Bulletin Board” and “What I Do”.

Pinboards with pins that are related to a special date – like the ‘current quality of time’ pins or event tips may be deleted at some point after that date to keep the space clear and provide information which is easy to find.

Other pinboards which simply collect interesting information and inspiration of some kind, won’t change their cover each time they receive a new pin, as it may be worth any time to browse them for inspiration.  (Although, their cover may change occasionally.)

As the internet is changing quickly, I cannot guarantee that the external links of the pins are always working.  They do work when I pin them, though, and I try to clean them up, once in a while.  Should you find that a pin is not working or that a link was hacked (which hopefully won’t happen), please feel free to send me a short message and let me know.

And now, please enjoy your stay!