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Happy Lughnasadh! – From The Art Of Uniting Opposites & KBF Updates.

HAPPY #LUGHNASADH! – FROM THE ART OF UNITING OPPOSITES: “It is a time of opposites. But this time it is not about going to war and proving who is right and who is wrong. Now, it is about casting aside judgements and realising that everything is part of the whole.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #CurrentTimeQuality


Blessed Harvest Festival 2016!

BLESSED HARVEST FESTIVAL 2016!: Today is the annual Harvest Festival in Germany. Nearly fallen into oblivion for many city people it still is celebrated in the rural, mainly Christian parishes. Even though I am not a Christian I am finding it a beautiful tradition to say Thanks for all that Mother Earth and life per se have gifted us. | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFPhotography #AnnualHarvestFestival

Lughnasadh 2016 – Healing, New Ways and Updates

LUGHNASADH 2016 – HEALING, NEW WAYS AND UPDATES: “Like every year on August 1st and 2nd the time has come, again, to celebrate Lughnasadh. Sometimes, this moon feast is also called Lammas and it describes the Celtic beginning of Autumn. And what a moon we have, today – that is to say, a pretty intense new moon which suits a harvesting celebration really well.” – a blog post by Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFUpdate #Lughnasadh #Lammas #WheelOfTheYear

Balance of Light and Darkness

BALANCE OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS: “When both sides stop condemning each other perhaps an entirely new quality becomes visible – something that serves the highest good of all.“ – Stefanie Neumann | Image: © Stefanie Neumann – All Rights Reserved. | #KokopelliBeeFree #KBFPhotography

Happy Lammas 2015!

HAPPY LAMMAS 2015! by Stefanie Neumann: “This is abundance – and that is how it is supposed to be. On the outside as well as on the inside. All we have to do is to plant the seed and then let it grow.” – Stefanie Neumann | Image: Wild Herb Harvest © Stefanie Neumann – All Rights Reserved; #KBFPhotography

KBFM – Monthly Update 2014-11-26

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Here are the updates for Kokopelli Bee Free Media in November: 2014/11/05:  Autumn Treats –  Who says one has to choose between healthy and yummy?!… Continue reading

Happy Halloween 2014!

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Samhain Blessings May your dreams be illuminated by the light of inspiration. May your hope be leading the way. May your path be full of… Continue reading

KBFM – Monthly Update 2014-10-29

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Here are the updates for Kokopelli Bee Free Media in October: 2014/10/01:  Dahlia Samadhi –  Plants actually are meditators in deep samadhi… 2014/10/08: Autumn Stars… Continue reading

Autumn Is Here!

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. At least, in the northern hemisphere it starts to move in. With the arrival of the meteorological autumn at my home I am slowly coming… Continue reading

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    I am restructuring my blog(s). So please bear with me in terms of accessability and the like. I plan to come up with another post in September. Until then, there is a lot to discover in my archives if you like! ☺


    Ich restrukturiere meine(n) Blog(s) um. Also schenkt mir bitte etwas Geduld im Bezug auf Zugänglichkeit und Ähnlichem. Ich plane, im September einen witeren Beitrag auf den Weg zu schicken. Bis dahin gibt es in meinem Archiv viel zu entdecken, wenn Du magst! ☺
  • Keltischer Winteranfang

    Celtic Start of WinterNovember 1st, 2017
    Happy Samhain! ♥ Fröhliches Samhain!
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    🎃 Samhain 2017 – A Light In Dark Places & KBF Updates. 👻

    🎃  Samhain 2017 – A Light In Dark Places & KBF Updates.  👻

    🎃 #SAMHAIN 2017 – A #LIGHT IN #DARK PLACES & #KBFUpdates 👻: “Maybe, just maybe we will notice that some of the things that once have been solid and frightening now are nothing but a scary mask with merely a grey wisp of smoke and some dust behind them.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #Halloween #CurrentTimeQuality2017 #WheelOfTheYear

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    🎃 Samhain 2017 Newsletter 🍂

    🎃  Samhain 2017 Newsletter  🍂

    🎃 #SAMHAIN 2017 #NEWSLETTER 🍂: Last Tuesday, my Samhain 2017 issue appeared in which, next to a few updates, I am also sharing some musings on #Nature – suitable for the darker time of the year which is the time to re-connect with our own inner nature, as well. | #KokopelliBeeFree

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    🎃 Samhain 2017 – Ein Licht An Dunklen Orten & Lebenskunst-Updates. 👻

    🎃 Samhain 2017 – Ein Licht An Dunklen Orten & Lebenskunst-Updates.  👻

    🎃 #SAMHAIN 2017 – EIN #LICHT AN DUNKLEN ORTEN & #LebenskunstUpdates 👻: “Vielleicht, nur vielleicht bemerken wir, dass einige der Dinge, die einst massiv und erschreckend waren nunmehr nichts als eine schreckliche Maske mit einem grauen Fetzen Rauch und etwas Staub dahinter sind.” – Stefanie Neumann | #KokopelliBeeFree #Halloween #AktuelleZeitqualität2017 #Jahreskreis #dunkel

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